President Biden & Your 10 Choices for Vice President

by Michael Dennehy

Here we sit, watching Bernie Sanders launch another bid for the Presidency. In the very near future, we are going to see Joe Biden launch his third bid for the Presidency. 

In all the public polling, Biden is way ahead of any other candidate including Sanders. Real Clear Politics has Biden at 28 and Sanders at 17.  All the other candidates are under 10, which of course is understandable given that Biden and Sanders have almost universal name recognition. In the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire, Biden is even further ahead than his 11 points nationally. This all spells good news for his prospective candidacy.

Just as this presidential race heats up, it may quickly devolve into a contest for whom Joe Biden picks to join him on the ticket against President Donald Trump.

Some may consider Joe Biden a lightweight – they shouldn’t. This guy has been running for President virtually his entire life in politics, since 1988.  

In his 1988 campaign, he was forced to drop out because of a plagiarism controversy. He went on to become a huge player in the US Senate over the next two decades. The plagiarism issue barely played a role in his 2008 campaign for President, but he didn’t get far after coming in a dismal 5th place in the Iowa Caucuses.  

However, Obama then tapped Biden as his running mate and he spent 8 years as the Vice President. Biden made the most out of every moment in those 8 years, building relationships and banking favors.

Biden is smart, likeable, has more than paid his dues, and the favors he has banked will come back to him in a big way. He will diligently remind the party faithful and the donor community that he has been there for them, and now it’s their turn to be there for him.  

You can also bet that Biden will get the support, at least behind the scenes, of former President Obama. There is nothing Obama wants more than to take down Trump. And what better way to take him down than with his own Vice President. Obama hates being out of the spotlight and he will see Biden as his way back in and to take credit if Biden finds a way to knock off Trump.

It should be noted that Biden is no pushover. He can take a hit, and he can hit hard too. He can use sarcasm effectively, he can poke fun at himself, and he can think quickly on his feet. This amounts to a good matchup and ability to go toe-to-toe with President Trump.

So what about the other 10 Democratic candidates for President: Senators Sanders, Harris, Warren, Klobuchar, Booker, Gillibrand, Representatives Delaney and Gabbard, Mayor Buttigieg and former HUD Secretary Julian Castro?

They will be running for Vice President. And they should be fine with that. Don’t be surprised to see Joe Biden announce that he will only serve one term if he is elected President. It’s a good move given his age and that will put big pressure on his VP pick. If Biden indeed makes that statement in his announcement, the presidential campaign will take on a whole new life as the other candidates battle to make themselves the most marketable to Biden. In other words, what can they deliver to him: African American or Hispanic votes? Female or young votes? That campaign for VP will be one of the most scrutinized campaigns of all time.  

So pull up a chair and watch what could develop into the craziest presidential nomination process of all-time!

- Mike Dennehy is a partner & co-founder at Pinnacle Campaign Strategies.